Counter measure inner shim tappets for Z serise

Product cod:SM-007IT
Price:USD 360.00
Adopting an inner shim which is effective against loss of outer shim failure occurring after adopting a high lift cam A tappet cap which is a modified version of an inner shim tappet to suit high tuned engines To reduce the pressure inside the tappet cap generated during valve stroke, a “pressure removing hole” has been created and furthermore by performing “WPC treatment”, improvement in sliding capabilities and fatigue resistance was realized.
・ These parts are specifically made for racing. Riding on public roads is not permitted
・ When purchasing make sure the motorcycle type is correct
・ Manual cam chain tensioner and strengthened cam chain are not included. Please purchase these separately
・ When attaching these parts, make sure there is no interference with other parts etc.
・ When attaching these parts, please have it done properly by a mechanic with sure knowledge and skill