Radical Construction Manufacture USA, inc. Model A16

Radical Construction Manufacture USA Inc. (RCM USA) produce a sport-bike, whose original frame in-house is equipped with a sport-bike motorcycle engine, in a small limited number.
A16 is a motorcycle of our original frame equipped with the famous KZ1000 engine, produced in 1970s.
Though it has an old-fashioned air-cooled engine, we construct the chassis dimension in order to improve the sport-bike performance comparable enough to up-to-date models.
The motorcycle is for enthusiasts, which has the virtues of good old days as well as of the present day, limited to only 30 units.

Good partnership between two companies : RCM USA and AC SANCTUARY

Radical Construction Manufacture USA Inc. (USA)  and AC Sanctuary(Japan)  are in so good alliance with each other.
RCM USA mainly adopt a number of AC Sanctuary’s original parts in order to make our motorcycles come even closer to perfection.
Actually, A16 is customized in Japan by AC Sanctuary. Bikes and parts come and go across the vast Pacific Ocean between California and Japan. A16 is manufactured in such dynamic processes.


The basis of A16 is the steel tubular frame, twin-spar double cradle, which is ideal for high-speed stability.
Large diameter steering shaft and swingarm pivot shaft with a wide dimension, which is fitted to the frame, are the standard size used in modern motorcycles.
Steering head pipe and swinging-arm pivot bracket are so important parts of our frame that we machined them one by one very carefully by machining center.
Its structure is so strong, and we spend a lot of time, energy and money on machining these excellent parts.
Steel tubular pipe is designed not at former standardized setting, but to be much stronger sturdy, engineered to provide high rigidity against the twist under the heavy load.
Even though it holds the big KZ’s 1000cc engine, the chassis is compact and the low center of gravity enables you to enjoy high stability.
This frame is carefully hand-made by our skilled craftsmen, one by one, specially for you, limited to a small number.


We rebuild and fully overhaul the 1970s KZ1000 air-cooled 2-valves In-Line 4 engine for A16.
The process of rebuild is so elaborated in so minute detail, by the 1/100mm.
In addition, we made some, original improvements to the engine by replacing some weak parts with reinforced ones.
So as to conform the regulation on exhaust emission, the secondary air injection device is added to A16 special titanium exhaust manifold.
Besides, as for the fuel injection system, we exchange old carburetor used in 1970s’ KZ1000 for new fuel injection device so that it can conform the regulation.
It achieves both improved horsepower and current environmental quality standards.