Completely Order-Made to Continue Development.

Radical Construction Manufacture USA Inc ”RCM USA Inc.” is an in-house motorcycle manufacturing company that produces one-of-a-kind motorcycle frames, chassis, and A16’s.
Our main manufacturing takes place at our Los Angeles office and we have comprehensive business ties with official headquarters of “SANCTUARY” in JAPAN. Peculiar parts and technical partnership are just two examples of services offered.

“SANCTUARY” produces customized vintage motorcycles known as “RCM” from the early 70’s to late 80’s such as the Kawasaki Z‐1, GPz900R, Suzuki GSX Katana, and Honda CB-F.

Our company is named after “RCM” that is derived from their customized motorcycle. We are proud to say that We, as “RCM USA Inc” and “SANCTUARY“, are nothing but a hand-in-glove as companies.

Consumers that reside in Japan can purchase our original chassis, exclusively imported and distributed by “SANCTUARY” throughout Japan.

In addition, we take full responsibility to import their “RCM” frame based off of the Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda frame, so that our customers in the US can purchase these frames through us.

Furthermore, “NOBLEST Inc.” is the parent organization of “SANCTUARY”. Therefore, “RCM USA Inc.” is licensed to sell NOBLEST Inc. parts to the US customers.

If a US customer would like to order a customized frame or chassis, “RCM USA Inc.” will take care of the ordering and delivery process for it to be manufactured by “SANCTUARY.”

“RCM USA Inc.” will be more than happy to receive any orders to customize chassis or frames of these models: 1974 Kawasaki, 1980 Suzuki, and/or Honda, which will be sent to “SANCTUARY” for manufacturing.

Are You Satisfied With That Custom Work?

Recently, state-of-the-art tuning and restoration have reached high levels. There are classically tuned Zs, constructed with sophisticated manufacturing techniques and settings, and custom Zs, constructed with an emphasis on reasonable bolt-on procedures. Take them out for a test-drive and the fundamental difference is clear. You can plainly feel the difference in level of performance.

Regrettably, many people have the latter kind of Zs. Amongst these there are many Custom Zs that do not express the concept of “practicality” and where you cannot feel the ease of handling or high quality that these vehicles should have. Trapped by the experiences they’ve had and the value judgements they’ve learned from these bikes, riders judge that “thicker tires are inflexible” and “custom work leaves nothing but trouble.” Hearing this from riders on an almost daily basis, we always feel sorry for these unfortunate riders.

It’s true that in the crowd of after-market parts there are many parts which could become sources of trouble, and many parts which have problems which are difficult to discern from a visual inspection alone. Remodelled bikes which use these parts and which were assembled without taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of bolt-on technology can become bikes that are sloppy-looking and occasionally even dangerous. Take a custom Z, which looks well-made at first glance. The frame and exterior are beautifully painted, and the brakes and carburetor have been replaced with premium parts. You can acquire it at a reasonable price. You are overjoyed, waiting for the day your bike is finally delivered and you can live that exciting “bike life” with the motorcycle you longed for. But is it really safe to say you’ve acquired an easy-to-ride and ready-to-run bike in good condition? There are still some doubts…

The job we are most often asked to do at AC Sanctuary is the alteration or repair of clearly flawed and badly done custom work. What these bikes have in common is that it is extremely difficult to fix them with just single-point alteration or repair. Most of the work has to be completely redone. This takes quite a bit of time and carries high costs. Sometimes we come across machines where the damage is too great because the welding done to the frame is clumsy and the bike cannot be fixed, so we have no choice but to give up on the repair. Even with total manufacturing, there can be a crudeness in the techniques and the machining of the various parts to the point that you feel like all the small details need a touch-up. You can see the unfinished quality of these bikes. Though they may be reasonable and cheap, these Zs are sloppily made. On the other hand, there are Zs that may be expensive but have been carefully set up by tuning specialists and racing constructors and can be relied on. If you actually compare the two it’s obvious that the process of repairs and alterations is never-ending for the first kind of bike. Why does this kind of situation continue to occur?

Completely Order-Made to Continue Development.

An R.C.M. is a truly complete bike, born from the passion of mechanics with no regard for cost and using true tuning techniques. With the right parts for the job and your choice of material, plus procedures which are guaranteed to be safe, you can fulfil your dream of yourself as a rider with a fully order-made bike that has been set up with high standards of techniques, that looks good, and that is high-quality and fully reliable. R.C.M.s have been totally coordinated at a high level. There is true beauty and skillful function in even the smallest details.