NOBLEST Inc. deals in the parts that are planned and developed by targeting the Japan-made old motor cycle parts produced from 1970 to early 2000s.
Its mainstream is the vehicle parts for Kawasaki Z-1, GPz900R Ninja, Suzuki Katana, etc.; and it aims at the improvement of sports riding performance as its directionality.

“SANCTUARY” is a factory division of NOBLEST Inc., where custom motor cycles are being manufactured; and NOBLEST Inc. has been engaged in the production of the custom motor cycles as well as the development of parts necessary for race activities.
From such reasons, at the beginning, we were developing and manufacturing parts, but we started to sell them because we received many requests for the parts as a unit.
We have now been receiving orders from motor cycle custom shops all over the world.

Custom motor cycles of “SANCTUARY” are finished with a modern specification by attaching the latest-spec parts to old-year vehicles.
Not only they are changed to 17-inch wheels but also parts are further changed to high-spec sports radial tires, high-performance suspensions, and brakes. The maneuverability after the customization has completely different-level performance in comparison with genuine normal vehicle bodies at the time of original production.
As a matter of course, it is not enough to just attach parts as they are to old-year vehicles.
The work to change to the latest parts having completely different property leads to a big balance change of an entire body of vehicles.
Regarding the parts of NOBLEST Inc., various technologies and experiences fed back through the race activity at “SANCTUARY” are fed back to its products.



All-purpose silencer
Required to be light weight and strongIt must have excellent exhaust efficiency and at the same time perform its function as a silencer.Functions required of a silencer are many and trial and error in the racing field is fed back to the street scene. NITRO RACING which keeps evolving based on various data

Universal Silencer
A lineup of 32 types with a new Valiant titanium series added Its powerful torque created from its innovative form forces the rider to an elite level