Reinforced cam chain for Z serise

Product cod:SM-062CT (122L)/SM-064CT (124L)
Price:USD 95.00
Cam chain (timing chain) which has been known to be the weakest point of a Z series engine is a part that has become a must change item when overhauling an engine EK cam chain is manufactured with the highest standards both in terms of average breakage strength and fatigue resistance Adopting a link of “gourd shape” so that minimum damage is done to the timing parts
・ Please make sure the number of links and motorcycle type is correct
・ Never use on motorcycles other than those specified
・ Please not that If too much tension is applied to the cam chain with the manual cam chain tensioner, abnormal wear to the tensioner idler body will occur
・ Please be careful as excess tension to the cam chain may cause serious damage to the whole engine

・ These parts are specifically made for racing. Riding on public roads is not permitted
・ When purchasing make sure the motorcycle type is correct
・ Manual cam chain tensioner and strengthened cam chain are not included. Please purchase these separately
・ When attaching these parts, make sure there is no interference with other parts etc.
・ When attaching these parts, please have it done properly by a mechanic with sure knowledge and skill